Some excellent mineral resources. The links below are resources we have found invaluable over the years. There are thousands of great sites out there, but these are the ones we continually return to.

Minergate – Cryptocurrency pooled mining is your chance to mine for digital gold!

Minedat – the authority for minerals on the internet.

CFMS – The California Federation of Mineralogical Societies.

High Desert Gems and Minerals –  Owners of the Himalaya Tourmaline mine and the Spectrum Sunstone mine.

Ocean View Mine – A real working tourmaline mine in Southern California that offers fee digs.

Gem O Rama – Searles Lake Gem & Mineral Society’s web site, home of the pink halite & hanksite digs. An absolute must event to attend annually.

Palaminerals – They have a fantastic newsletter as well as great inventory of Pala gems.

E-rocks – Auction site for minerals worldwide.

Treasurenet – forum for all types of treasure hunting




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