New Year 2017 More Beryl, Benitoite, Jade & Tourmaline!

033a9009-b6af-4587-ac19-36267f360fd0Welcome to 2017 and a belated Happy New Year! I know we’ve been lacking on keeping the site updated with content, but I’ve made it one of my goals this year to put something up every month. It should be an exciting year as we have trips planned for jade hunting in Itoigawa, Japan, topaz & red beryl hunting in Utah, quartz and andradite hunting in Japan and tourmaline digging in Pala to name a few. We also hope to be officially adding a shopping page to the site for the minerals we collect.

In addition, we’ve been acquiring a lot of new material the past few months and we are beginning to put them on our Etsy shop and or Japanese site Rt395minerals. If there is something California or Japan specific you are looking for let us know and maybe we can help find it for you.

Next up: The 2016 Tokyo Mineral Show Report from Dec. 2016