Tokyo Mineral Show and More

Tokyo Min1The 2016 Tokyo Mineral show was last December. It was a great show, with quite a few vendors from all over the world, including some of Japan’s top dealers.

Petrov BenitoiteThis was our/ my first venture to the Ikebukuro Tokyo Mineral Show. Although we’d been to an earlier one this summer, this one was much larger and the crowds were huge. Vendors from all over the world hawked their goods, but I was surprised to see the quality of minerals was different, lack luster. While there were some world class specimens from Key’s Minerals  (wonderful benitoite specimens) and Garimpo (Protugese for gold mining with amazing pariba tourmalines, emeralds and red beryl my kinda dealer!), it was far and few. A very different selection than I’m use to seeing at some of the big American shows. I was able to pick up some nice red beryl crystals from Pala Minerals, a very nice benitoite specimen from the legendary Alfredo Petrov of Petrov’s Minerals as well as some amazing emerald specimens from Garimpo, and a nice faceted red beryl from them as well.

Garimpo 1Garimpo 2

The emeralds, red beryl and Pariba tourmalines Garimpo were offering really stole the show for me. I haven’t seen so much pariba specimens & cut gems in one place before. To top it off their prices were very reasonable. It was no surprise that their booth was rarely quiet when I was digging through their rough.

The host country’s minerals were on full display. We picked up quite a bit of andradite garnets and a bit of hisui aka Jadeite of which there was a LOT of. I was searching for the elusive Japanese benitoite, but only found 1 specimen whose crystals were not visible without magnification, which is typical, but there are specimens out there with visible crystals.

I also have to give a mention to Amon Opals, a young Japanese couple selling boulder opals. They had some decent rough and would give me a few extra pieces each time I purchased from them. They had some very nice quality rough and cut opals as well.

We had some good conversations with local dealers, including Alferdo Petrov, who clued us in on some collecting sites in and around Tokyo, one being a quartz and andradite quarry dump not too far in Nagano that we may end up visiting next year.

Overall it was a great experience and opened my eyes to the size and scope of mineral collecting and dealing in Japan. Here is a link for the Tokyo Mineral Show for further information.

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